After months of rumors, Amazon today introduced the long-awaited streaming song Amazon Music Unlimited in the US. Until now, Amazon offered mp3 downloads via Amazon Music and to a limited extent via the Amazon Prime subscription service, but from now on streaming via the American web store is also possible.

Amazon Music Unlimited

A subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited costs $ 9,99 per month. Amazon Prime service members pay $ 7,99 per month. The new service is also available on the Amazon-developed “smart speaker” Echo and costs only $ 3,99 per month.

Amazon Music Unlimited is only available in the United States for now. Before the end of the year, the service will also be rolled out in Great Britain, Germany and Austria. For the new service, which contains about 30 million songs, Amazon has also introduced new apps for the desktop and mobile devices.

Releases that go to Amazon Music through us distributed, are also automatically available on Amazon Music Unlimited. You do not have to take any action for this. Is your music not yet available online? Then create an account here and get started right away.