Update: This option no longer exists.

From today you can use a new option via our platform: Spotify Windowing. With Spotify Windowing you can make your 14 album exclusively available to users of Spotify Premium days before the official release date.

With this option, you can introduce your loyal fans - and the most loyal Spotify users - to your new release before it is available to Spotify users without a subscription and to users of other platforms.

There are a number of conditions: Spotify Windowing only works for albums with seven or more tracks and a playing time of at least thirty minutes. You cannot use the option for singles or EPs. Furthermore, the release date of your album must be at least three weeks in the future.

You can find more information about the exact operation and conditions here . Don't have an account on our site yet? Then get started here. Do you have questions about Spotify Windowing or other matters? Feel free to mail to info@wmdigitalservices.nl.