Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, the three major record labels, a number of music publishers and various other organizations representing the interests of rightholders have signed a joint agreement, in which they indicate that they will work more closely together in the fight against manipulating streams on the various online platforms.

Although every serious artist will avoid artificially influencing the number of streams on Spotify, for example, research shows that about 3 to 4 percent of all 'plays' on the major streaming services are artificially - for example, by automated 'bots'. , or companies that promise to generate a certain number of streams for a fee - is created. Because the number of streams on a platform directly affects the amount paid out per stream, rightsholders are estimated to lose about $ 300 million per year due to these practices.

Platforms such as Spotify are already using algorithms to detect unnatural streaming behavior and to prevent fraudulent artists from using their platform, but the new partnership should lead to even more efficient detection of unnatural streaming behavior.

You will find the complete text of the new 'Anti-Stream Manipulation of Best Practice' here .

Fortunately, we rarely have to deal with it ourselves, but of course WM Digital Services also takes strict action against fraud, whether it concerns the manipulation of streams or the unlawful use of third-party content. You can find our own Anti-Fraud Policy here .