It is not a streaming service and it is not a download store, but it has recently been one of the most requested options: Facebook Rights Manager is now available via WM Digital Serivces.

You've undoubtedly seen them before: put the music stickers in 'stories' Instagram en Facebook. When you choose to add music to your story, you can choose from a large database of artists and tracks. You then have all kinds of 'edit' options to adjust the music clip and to add text, photos or video as you wish. When you use Facebook Rights Manager, your release can also be used in this way in Instagram Music and Facebook Music.

According to Instagram, the story function of the app is used daily by more than 500 million people. A perfect way to promote your new single or EP and to make your tracks findable for your fans.

Do you want to make your old releases available on this platform? Log in to your account, choose the 'distribute' option in the appropriate store on the 6 tab in your release and follow the further steps. Of course we can also activate this new service for you. In that case, send an email to Adding new stores or apps to your existing releases is of course free.