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Digital distribution Krach via WM Digital Services

30 September 2010
“Five pedigree musicians, five attic rooms, millions of ideas and a boat in a polluted industrial canal. Those are the most important ingredients for Krach's debut album. Fortunately, the band around frontman Reinier van den Haak (guitarist Roosbeef) had a clear idea in mind: filthy guitar rock with techno synthesizers, blasphemous beats and panting hypno-vocals, or kinetic rock. " launches the mini-album Kompakt Disk in Arnhem.

Krach - Compact Disk

Kompakt Disk contains the first single And So I Do A Little Dance, which was recently bombed by 3VOOR12 as Hollandse Nieuwe. Furthermore, the album contains an album track and two remixes. In addition to this release, the band plays throughout the Netherlands and participates in the Popronde circus.

The digital distribution of Kompakt Disk was arranged by WM Digital Services, which means that the CD will also be released on the day of release iTunes store is for sale.

Look here for more information about the possibilities of digital distribution or mail to

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Secure and Kids Never Lie albums

June 24, 2010
In recent weeks, two Dutch bands have chosen to play the digital distribution of their new albums by WM Digital Services.

The Rotterdam R&B band Secure has been on the road for several years now and is now facing a definitive breakthrough with the EP “Episode 1 - The Time Is Now”.

digital distribution WM Digital Services

Kids Never Lie is from Zeeland. In the two years of its existence the band reached a number of milestones: third place at Kunstbende Zeeland in 2009, participation in the national final of Popsport 2009 and winning Hay! Fever 2009. The release of the ep “1618” can now be added to that list.

Two different bands, with one match: their music is now for sale at all major download stores thanks to the mediation of WM Digital Services.

Do you also want to offer your band's music via iTunes, Spotify and other major download stores? Take without obligation contact us for more information.

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Your music on Spotify? Which can!

May 18, 2010
Rarely has there been such an expectation of an online music service as of Spotify. Even before the service was available in the Netherlands, devious ways were devised to still get an account and bypass the country institutions.

From today, that is no longer necessary: ​​Spofity is officially available in our country. After installing the Spotify player, the user can choose from millions of songs that can be streamed on the PC or or mobile devices.

There is a choice of three types of accounts. Spotify Open is a free version with advertising messages between numbers. With Spotify Unlimited, users can listen to their computer unlimited and ad-free for five euros per month. Spotify Premium costs ten euros per month and offers offline possibilities, mobile access and better sound quality.

Bands and artists who also want to offer their music via Spotify but do not know how to approach it, can turn to WM Digital Services. We can ensure that your music is not only available via Spotify, but also via other major download stores.

Mail to if you want more information about the options and costs without obligation.

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