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New single Voltage chosen as NPO Radio 2 TopSong

Today "She's Gone Like the Wind", the new single by Voltage, which comes from the album “It's About Time”. That in itself is good news, but even more fun is that the track was immediately chosen as 'TopSong' on NPO Radio 2.

Earlier this week, the song also reached first place in the Delightful 15 by Rob Stenders and Leo Blokhuis.

She's Gone Like the Wind can be found at all known streaming minds. The online distribution is provided by WM Digital Services.

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A musical heart under the belt from Yellow Pearl

The current circumstances are changing so quickly that we can barely keep up. One news item follows another. News this morning is already out of date in the afternoon. But one thing is clear: everything is different now.

The gentlemen of Yellow Pearl are not prophets, but their song “Everything is Different Now” is very topical now.

As a gesture in these crazy times, in which everyone is flooded with news, fake news and opinions, Yellow Pearl released “Everything is Different Now” as a single on March 27, 2020. The number can be found at all known streaming platforms and download stores. The online distribution is provided by WM Digital Services.

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Medammecour songs and buutten now also on Spotify

Songs from the popular carnival revue “Medammecour on Tour”Can now also be heard on Spotify and the other well-known platforms. The songs can be found online from today, the 11de of the 11de. For Limburgers and for Limburgers with homesickness anywhere in the world.

Medammecour on Tour - L1VE

The regional broadcaster L1 is pleased that Joost Meijs and Marc Hermans, spiritual fathers of the annual “Medammecour on Tour“, Have come up with the idea of ​​arranging distribution via Spotify. The artists involved were also willing to cooperate. L1 has a rich archive with recordings of the annual event.

Joost Meijs, one of the initiators of "Medammecour on Tour": "These days everything is perfect studio work. We would like to show the unique live atmosphere of our performances. The songs from the shows from 2019 and 2018 are the first to be heard on Spotify. Our L1VE Medammecour archive will be expanded further in the near future. "

L1 editor-in-chief Leo Hauben: “As a regional broadcaster, we want to promote our role as a culture bearer everywhere. Making our archive accessible, in this case via a streaming service, is one of the ways in which we do that. The old ROZ live recordings of carnival sessions, world famous in their own province, will soon be made available via Spotify. As the oldest regional broadcaster, since 1945, you can safely call our archive cultural heritage. ”

The online distribution of the Medammecour recordings is provided by WM Digital Services.
Listen yourself via your favorite platform:

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New video: Austin Leaves - Wild Side

Today "Wild Side" was released, the new single from the South Limburg band Austin Leaves. In addition to the members of Austin Leaves themselves, various acquaintances from the Limburg pop scene appear in front of the camera in the accompanying video. You can of course find the single on all known platforms.

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Pre-save the new single from Danny de Munk on Spotify

On October 1 "Yet ff so good" appears, the surprising new single from Danny de Munk. You can already play this swinging new track 'pre-saving', so that it is immediately added to your Spotify library on the day of release.
You can find the pre-save option via

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