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New in our distribution package: JioSaavn and JOOX

We don't sit still during the holiday period either. As of today, two new streaming services are available via our platform: the Indian service JioSaavn and the site JOOX active in Asia and Africa.

JioSaavn is a leading streaming service in India. The platform is also available in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. JOOX is a service with seven million monthly users, which is active in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand, among others. In addition, this platform is also becoming increasingly popular in South Africa.

Both platforms are available immediately. An up-to-date overview of all streaming services and download stores available through WM Digital Services can be found here..

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Changes to our distribution package

The world of download stores and streaming services is constantly changing. In recent weeks, two changes have taken place in our distribution package:
– The Russian platform Zvooq will now continue under the name SberZvuk.
– The streaming platform TrackDrip, operating from Suriname has temporarily ceased its activities and has therefore been removed from our package.

An up-to-date overview of all available platforms can be found on our site:…/stores/.

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Xiami Music is now called AliGenie

As of February 5, 2021, a small change has taken place in our distribution package: the Chinese streaming service Xiami Music, owned by the media group Alibaba, is now called AliGenie.

AliGenie is the 'personal assistant' for Alibaba's smart speakers, operating under the name Tmall genius placed on the market. Users can play AliGenie's content through these speakers. All content previously distributed to Xiami Music will be automatically available on this new platform.

You will find an up-to-date overview of our distribution package here..

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New: distribute your music to TrackDrip

We are happy to support you in the new year in making your music as widely available as possible. In that context, we have added a new streaming service to us distribution package: TrackDrip.

TrackDrip is a platform that operates from Suriname and focuses on listeners in the Caribbean and Latin America. Services such as Spotify and Apple Music are not yet available everywhere in these areas. The ultimate goal of TrackDrip is to develop and professionalize the Caribbean music industry and to create and exploit Caribbean music on a local and international level.

In the future, the streaming service also wants to make studio facilities and event halls available to make content creation more accessible to artists. The app also provides a collective revenue model for the created content, by exploiting it on a local and international level. For remote areas where internet or wifi is missing, there is a premium variant that also plays music and videos without internet.

Distribution to TrackDrip is available immediately through our platform. You will find an up-to-date overview of all streaming services and download stores that are available via WM Digital Services here..

Update August 2021: TrackDrip has already discontinued its services, so this platform is no longer available.

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New: your music on TikTok and Resso

You will not have missed it: TikTok is one of the most talked about social media apps in recent years. With TikTok, short music videos can be created and shared. The videos have a length of 3 to 15 seconds and so-called 'loops' have a maximum length of 60 seconds.

Starting today, you too can make your music available for use in TikTok videos. When your music is available on TikTok, users will be given the option to listen to a 'preview' of 30 seconds. In their videos, they can use 15 seconds of your track. With the use of your music you naturally generate income, which you will see in your account afterwards.

In addition to TikTok, Resso is now also available, a streaming service that was also developed by Bytedance, the owner of TikTok. Resso offers a full-fledged music service, but also has many social functions. Users are encouraged to share lyrics and leave messages for other users. The music starts playing immediately when the app is opened.

The Resso app is currently only available in India. It is not known when the service will be released in other countries. According to recent reports, ByteDance wants to provide “emerging countries” with the app first.

TikTok and Resso are available immediately via our platform. You can find an up-to-date overview of all available streaming services, download stores and apps here..

Do you want to send your existing releases to TikTok and Resso? Mail to and we will fix it, of course without extra costs.

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Distribution to Tencent available immediately

WM Digital Services also helps you make your music as widely available as possible in the new year. After we added two Chinese streaming services to our package in 2019, Tencent is now also available.

Tencent is one of the largest internet companies in the world. By adding this option to our distribution package you get access to three Chinese platforms in one go:
- QQ Music: this service has been active for ten years and reaches about 700 million listeners, of which 120 million are paying subscribers.
- KuGou: a streaming service and download platform with an estimated 800 million users and a market share of 28% of the Chinese music market
- Kuwo: the fourth largest streaming service in China

China is a huge growth market for Western artists and with the addition of Tencent, in addition to the previously added platforms Xiami Music and NetEase Cloud Music, you too can benefit from this growth.

Do you want to make existing releases available on Tencent? Mail to and we arrange it for you, of course without extra costs.

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Now available: Facebook Rights Manager

It is not a streaming service and it is not a download store, but it has recently been one of the most requested options: Facebook Rights Manager is now available via WM Digital Serivces.

You have undoubtedly seen them before: the music stickers in 'stories' on Instagram en Facebook. When you choose to add music to your story, you can choose from a large database of artists and tracks. You then have all kinds of 'edit' options to adjust the music clip and add text, photos or video to your own liking. When you use Facebook Rights Manager, your release can also be used in this way in Instagram Music and Facebook Music.

According to Instagram, the story function of the app is used daily by more than 500 million people. A perfect way to promote your new single or EP and to make your tracks findable for your fans.

Do you want to make your old releases available on this platform? Log in to your account, choose the 'distribute' option in the appropriate store on the 6 tab in your release and follow the further steps. Of course we can also activate this new service for you. In that case, send an email to Adding new stores or apps to your existing releases is of course free.

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Conquer China with these new streaming services

In the context of our ten year anniversary, we are expanding this month distribution package quite well: after Anghami and KKBOX we are now adding the Chinese streaming services Xiami Music en NetEase Cloud Music to our package.

WM Digital Services distribution package - your music on Spotify

NetEase Cloud Music is the fastest growing music service in China, with more than 400 million users. More than 30% of all music that is listened to via this platform comes from the West.

Xiami Music is a streaming service that since 2013 is owned by the large internet company Alibaba. The service now has tens of millions of users, who can listen to music via apps on Android and iOS. Xiami also offers streams in CD quality.

With these stores you reach tens of millions of potential new listeners. There are of course no additional costs associated with making your music available on these platforms.

Check this page for the complete overview of all streaming services where we can place your music. In the meantime, keep our SOCIAL MEDIA , because we will soon be adding another nice, much-requested option to our platform!

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