Tip: Determine the start time of your track on TikTok yourself

The TikTok app is very popular and since distribution to TikTok was added to our platform, changing the audio clip start time for TikTok videos has been a much requested option. We have good news: from now on you determine the start time of your track on TikTok.

As you know, TikTok only plays part of your song. Until now, that was automatically the start of the track, but you can now set which audio clip you want to make available for use in TikTok videos.

How does it work?
- When you have uploaded an audio track, you can open it with the 'pencil' on tab 3 or the 'edit' option on tab 4 in your release.
- At the bottom of the page you will now find the option 'Start Point Time'. Here you enter the desired start time.
- The format is mm: ss, so if you want the track on TikTok to start at 1 minute 20 seconds, enter '01: 20 '
- The option only works for songs longer than 30 seconds and the specified start time must be at least 30 seconds before the end of the track.

Want to make your songs findable on TikTok? Create an account on our site and get started right away!

Do you want to send your existing releases to TikTok, or adjust the start time? Mail to and we will fix it as soon as possible.

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Tip: Claim your Deezer profile via Deezer Backstage

It took a long time, but after Spotify en Apple Music The French streaming service Deezer now also has an option for managing your artist profile and viewing additional statistics: Deezer Backstage.

Deezer Backstage

Just like Spotify for Artists you can supplement your profile via Deezer Backstage with photos, a biography and links to your social media accounts. In addition, Deezer also promises that you will gain more insight into the listening behavior of your fans.

You can register for Deezer Backstage via

You have the choice to register as an artist, label or manager. For your registration you need, among other things, a UPC for one of your releases and you also have to provide the name and email address of your distributor. In our case, that is WM Digital Services, with the address You can find the UPCs of your releases in your account. You can also enter links for your profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but these are not required.

Is your music not yet available on Deezer and the other well-known streaming services? We are happy to help you! Make an account on our site and upload your releases, or mail to For more information.

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Tip: change your artist photo on Spotify

One of the questions artists often ask us is “How do I change my profile picture Spotify? ”. Until recently, the streaming service didn't make it easy to upload your own photo: by default, the artwork of one of your releases was randomly used and to change this yourself, you had to request a 'verified account'. For such an account a minimum of 250 followers were required, and that is initially a very high threshold for many starting artists.

Spotify Fan Insights2

Fortunately, Spotify now makes it a lot easier to place your own profile photo on Spotify: changing that image, and using a number of other useful options, is now possible via Spotify Fan Insights.

Fan Insights is a 'dashboard' in which you, as an artist, get useful information about the number of streams you generate, where your audience comes from, which other artists your fans listen to, in which playlists your music appears, and so on.

By signing up for Spotify Fan Insights, you can kill two birds with one stone: extensive statistics about your releases and the option to change your profile photo.

You get access to Spotify Fan Insights Through this link. Since the access is linked to a personal Spotify account, we cannot arrange this registration for you. If you have questions, you can of course always get in touch Contact us.

Do you use Spotify Fan Insights? Then we would love to hear your experiences!

Update: In April 2017 the name of 'Spotify Fan Insights' has been changed to'Spotify for Artists'.

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Tip: the best promotion of your release

When planning and promoting your new single or album, there is a lot more to it than posting a nice message on Facebook and Twitter. Jasper van Vugt (journalist, teacher Herman Brood Academy) gives some useful tips in the video below:

Also read our own five tips for online music distribution.

Do you want to know more about a good release schedule? your releases on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and all other platforms? Mail without obligation to

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