Overview of available stores

WM Digital Services distributes your music to all major download stores and streaming services. In addition, Shazam music recognition app, Gracenote music database, YouTube Audio Content ID, Facebook Rights Manager and various mobile providers. You can also make your music findable via Instagram and TikTok. Choose the entire package or mix and match the platforms that you need.

7 DigitalAmazon MusicAnghamiAWAClaro musicaDeezerFacebook Rights ManagerGracenoteiTunes Apple MusicKDigital MediaKKBOXMonkingMeNapsterNetEase Cloud MusicPandoraressoShazamSpinletSpotifyTencentTidalTikTokXiamiYouTube Content IDYouTube MusicZvooq

General stores and streaming services:
Amazon Music
Apple Music
Claro Música
KDigital Media
NetEase Cloud Music
Tencent (including QQ Music, KuGou and Kuwo)
Xiami Music
YouTube Music

Apps, databases, content ID
Facebook Rights Manager
YouTube Audio Content ID [Important: read the conditions first]

Latest changes to our distribution package:
1/9/2020: Google Play Music is no longer available from now on. This platform will cease to exist at the end of this year.
19/6/2020: Yandex is available immediately in our distribution package.
29/5/2020: Streaming service Akazoo has stopped immediately and has therefore been removed from our package.
3/4/2020: Dubset has been temporarily deactivated due to the acquisition of the owner of this platform.
6-3-2020: TikTok and Resso are now available through our platform.
28-1-2020: The Chinese platform Tencent is now available. Tencent is a combination of the QQ Music, KuGou and Kuwo services
19-11-2019: The Spanish service MonkingMe is now available through our platforms
21-10-2019: Facebook Rights Manager is now available through our platform.
10-10-2019: The Xiami Music streaming service is now available through our platform.
2-10-2019: The KKBOX streaming service is now available through our platform.
1-10-2019: The Anghami streaming service is now available through our platform.
1-8-2019: YouTube Music is now activated for all users.
9-10-2018: YouTube Music is back in our package, but due to the poor support that YouTube offers, we only activate this platform upon request.
15-5-2018: The conditions for YouTube Content ID have become much stricter. Always read the conditions first before using this option.

Note: The world of download stores and streaming services is constantly changing. The overview above is therefore a snapshot. Stores and services may change names or be canceled without prior notice. In addition, stores may reserve the right not to post content, or globally, based on, for example, genre or region. We strive to keep the overview as up-to-date as possible.

WM Digital Services

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