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Step-by-step help with uploading your release can be found in the Upload manual.

4. Payments, Royalties and Rights

After uploading your release you can pay directly with PayPal or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). It is also possible to accrued royalty credit to be used to pay for all or part of new releases.

Do you prefer to pay per bank after receiving an invoice? Then take in advance contact us or email us the details of your release when it is ready to be approved.

After uploading your release you can pay directly with PayPal or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). If you don't have one of these payment options, that's no problem: contact us as soon as your release is ready to be sent. You will then receive an invoice by email, which you can pay by bank. The handling of your release will therefore not be delayed.

Invoices for your distribution orders can be found on the 'order invoices' tab under 'my account'.

When you are logged in, you can also go directly to this link:

Yes, you can use your accrued royalty credit when you pay for a new release. You will then be given the choice whether or not to deduct that credit from the total price. If your royalty credit is not sufficient to pay the total amount, simply pay the rest via PayPal or credit card.

Have we agreed that you will receive an invoice afterwards and pay by bank? In that case, too, we can deduct your outstanding royalty credit from the distribution costs of your new release (s). Then report in advance by mail that you want to use this option.

Royalty payments are made by bank or via PayPal, after you have indicated via your account that you want to receive a payment.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can open it for free via You can easily transfer amounts you receive via PayPal to your own bank account.

Do you not have a PayPal account and do you not want to use one? No problem, we will pay your royalties by bank. In that case, make sure that we have your current bank details.

When you are logged in, see via 'sales' -> 'balance' which amount can be collected. You request a payment via the 'request outpayment' button. If the button is not visible, there is not yet enough funds to request a payment.

You decide whether you want to have the full outstanding amount paid out, or a part thereof.

Accumulated royalty credit can also be used to pay for new releases.

No, no advances are paid. Only royalty payments that have actually been settled - and that you therefore see under 'Balance' - are paid.

The information about sold downloads and streams is not displayed in real-time: it takes some time for stores to submit their reports. This usually happens about six to eight weeks after the end of a month.

Example: your release appeared online in January and has since actually been downloaded or streamed. You will then see the first royalty information in your account during the course of March. In the first instance you see an estimate of the amount to be received. After a while this will be replaced by the final statement.

Keep in mind that not all platforms report at the same time and with the same speed.

On the page with royalty updates you can see if we have already received reports and payments from the stores over a certain period.

TIP: Sign up for Spotify for Artists to quickly get comprehensive information about how your releases are performing on Spotify.

On the page 'royalty updates'you can see whether a particular store has already reported for a certain period.

“Artificial streaming” is artificially influencing the number of streams you generate on Spotify or other streaming services, either manually, by using 'bots' or by having your releases put on playlists for a fee. All such acts are against the terms of Spotify and the other platforms, and it is also against our own anti fraud policy.

Read here what Spotify says about "artifical streaming" and what measures they take if this form of fraud is contaminated:

If you use services that put releases on playlists for a fee, promise guaranteed followers or otherwise help to increase the number of streams in an inorganic way, we strongly advise you not to do this. Even if Spotify does not take action itself, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures if it appears that your releases appear structurally in the 'artificial streaming reports' that we receive from Spotify on a monthly basis.


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