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Step-by-step help with uploading your release can be found in the Upload manual.

2. Releases: General

When you look for a suitable online distributor, you come across dozens of possible options. Of course you have to choose a distributor that meets your needs, but we would like to list a number of points that make the services of WM Digital Services attractive:

Support and service
- Dutch support, both by telephone and by mail, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. We almost always respond to your message the same working day.
- We provide personalized service. We follow our customers closely, which means that in most cases we can deliver custom work.
– Like many artists, we attach great importance to the slogan 'support your locals'. Working together with a Dutch distribution platform, instead of (for example) an American company, fits in perfectly with that in our opinion.

Costs and payments
- You can pay via PayPal or credit card, but you can also pay by bank or with your accumulated royalty credit.
- There are no hidden costs. You pay once when sending your release and you receive 90% of your royalties. ISRCs and UPC are free, updating or removing a release is free, adding new platforms afterwards is free.
- We are happy to make a price agreement with you if you have a schedule for multiple releases, for example an album with accompanying singles.
- Opting for a distributor without an annual subscription fee is cheaper than paying annually for most smaller artists, even if you hand in a small percentage of your royalties. Distribution on a subscription basis in most cases also means that your release will be taken offline as soon as you stop paying. You do not have the latter problem via our platform.
- We have never increased our prices since our inception in 2009.

Uploads and checks
- All aspects of your release are thoroughly checked, so that any mistakes in the title data, or problems with audio files and artwork can be corrected in a timely manner. Not all aggregators perform these checks. We adhere to the requirements set by the platforms, so that your release always looks perfect and you are not faced with surprises afterwards.
- If you are not that adept at uploading files, or if your release just needs to be online as soon as possible, we are happy to add it to your account. There are no additional charges.

- When you request a royalty payment, it will be processed within one business day.
- Your royalties are paid in euros, so you will not be bothered by exchange rate fluctuations afterwards.
- To receive your full income from a US distributor, you will need to complete a US tax form. This is not necessary when you choose a Dutch party.

A step-by-step overview of creating a new release can be found in our upload manual:

Basically we accept all releases, in all genres, but there are a few exceptions.

The following types of content cannot be distributed through our platform:
– Audiobooks
- Podcasts
– Non-stop DJ mixing
– Karaoke albums
– Commercials and jingles
– Multiple track medleys (unless prior approval is obtained from all publishers involved)

Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse releases if we suspect that you do not have all the necessary rights or if parts of your release (especially the audio or artwork) are of too low quality.

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, such as the time of upload and the speed with which stores import new content. You also specify a desired release date yourself.

Ideally, your release will be online within a few business days, but our advice is to set the release date at least seven days plan ahead. When corrections need to be made to your release, this will always lead to a longer processing time, so read the terms and conditions audio en artwork.

If you want to use Spotify Playlist Consideration, the advice is to check your release at least ten days before the desired release date. You can find more information about this option here .

An indication of the processing time of each platform can be found via the overview of the available stores.

The number of releases always increases sharply in November and December, so it is advisable to upload releases that are to be published online before the holidays in good time. A number of stores do not process new releases between Christmas and New Year.

See also: Tips for planning your release.

Yes, all parts of your release - artwork, audio, and title information - will be verified before your release is finally shipped to your chosen platforms. In this way we ensure that any errors are corrected in a timely manner. Moreover, in this way we can guarantee that your release meets all the requirements set by the various platforms. This prevents surprises afterwards.

QC stands for 'Quality Control'. This is a final (technical) check of your release before it is imported by the stores. This check is done externally, so we have no influence on the speed at which it is handled. In most cases, however, this process does not take longer than 1 to 2 working days.

In principle, you upload releases yourself via your account. In specific cases we are prepared to make an exception to this. Of course in that case we need audio, artwork and title data. Contact us at .


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