How does Spotify Windowing work?

Spotify Windowing is the option to first make your release available exclusively for listeners with Spotify Premium and only then for Spotify users without a subscription and users from other platforms. If you choose Spotify Windowing, Spotify Premium users can stream your album 14 days before the release date. The album will be available to all Spotify users from the specified release date, both with and without a subscription.

You can turn on Spotify Windowing on the same tab where you specify the release date (2 tab in your release).

The following conditions apply:
- Spotify Windowing can only be used for albums with 7 or more tracks and a total length of at least 30 minutes.
The option therefore does not work for singles and EPs
- The 'digital release date' must be at least 3 weeks in the future. If you choose Spotify Windowing, your album will appear on Spotify Premiom 14 days before this date. From the specified release date, your album will appear on the other platforms, including the free version of Spotify

The release date of your album is 15 May and you have chosen Spotify Windowing.
Your album will then appear exclusively on Spotify Premium on 1 May.
On 15 May your album will appear on the other platforms (if you have chosen this) and is also available for Spotify users without a subscription.

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