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New video Erik Mesie: “I want to be with you”

Singer Erik Mesie became known in the early 80s as the face of the Dutch-language band Toontje Lager. After the break-up of that band in 1986, Mesie continued solo. This week he is launching his latest single: "I want with you".

You find “I want to be with you” Spotify, Apple Music and the other known streaming services. The online distribution is provided by WM Digital Services.

Want to offer your music on all major online platforms? Create an account without obligation or mail info@wmdigitalservices.nl .

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Carnival hit Huub Stapel now available online

The carnival cracker “Altied Get” by actor Huub Stapel and director Pieter Kuijpers has become a hit on YouTube and Facebook in recent weeks.

The duo launched the song, recorded in collaboration with producer Arno Krabman, on the regional channel L1. The song grew out of a spontaneous joke by the pair. Kuijpers previously called making a carnival hit "the highest achievable for a Limburger." The pair have previously worked together on the film “Heaven on Earth”.

"Altied Get" can be found at Spotify and the other well-known online platforms. The digital distribution is provided by WM Digital Services.

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More influence on your Spotify profile with Artist's Pick

Introduced late last year Spotify for artists the opportunity to gain more insight into their listening statistics via Spotify Fan Insights. Some time later it became possible to use this 'artist dashboard' change your own profile photo. Now Spotify is introducing another extra option that makes your Spotify profile even more attractive: Artist's Pick.

With Artist's Pick, Spotify makes it possible to place one release prominently at the top of your Spotify page, accompanied by a short piece of text. That way you can promote a release by one of your favorite artists, but of course it is also possible to put one of your own releases in the limelight. For example, you can give your latest single extra attention. You also give your fans a good reason to check your page regularly to see what your latest pick is.

An Artist Pick remains visible for a maximum of two weeks. The option also works with playlists and single tracks instead of individual releases.

You get access to Spotify Fan Insights Through this link. Since the access is linked to a personal Spotify account, we cannot take care of this registration for you. If you have questions, you can of course always contact Contact us.

See also: Tip: Change your artist photo on Spotify.

Update: In April 2017 the name of 'Spotify Fan Insights' has been changed to'Spotify for Artists'.

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Google renews Play Music

Google is rolling out a major update to the music service this week Play Music. The service is provided with smart music suggestions, which take into account, among other things, the location of the user, the time and even the weather.

Google Play Music

Google uses its machine learning algorithms to improve suggestions for individual users. Google Play Music users must give their consent before enabling the new feature. The app can then see where users are, so that more active music is played in a gym than in a library.

In the new version, the playback history also becomes a lot more important. The more music a user listens to in Google Play Music, the better the music tips of the app become for his or her specific taste. Frequently listened to music will soon be made available offline offline.

Is your music already available via Google Play Music? Create an account here to start immediately with the online distribution of your music, or mail to info@wmdigitalservices.nl .

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Processing times around the holidays

It is already November, and that means that the end of the year is coming. It also means that, in addition to a larger amount of regular releases, many seasonal releases will be released, from Santa Claus and Christmas albums to new sing-alongs for the carnival season.

wm christmas

Do you have plans for a release in November, December, or the first weeks of January? Then keep in mind that it will be extra busy with the various in the coming two months online platforms. So plan your release data a bit wider than usual and if in doubt, contact us so that we can see if your schedule is feasible.

From Saturday 24 December 2016 to Sunday 1 January 2017, WM Digital Services is not available by phone. Of course you can upload releases via our website during this period and urgent support questions by email will be answered as usual.

Do you have any questions? Look at our 'help' page or mail to info@wmdigitalservices.nl. We are happy to help you!

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Amazon introduces Amazon Music Unlimited

After months of rumors, Amazon today introduced the long-awaited streaming song Amazon Music Unlimited in the US. Until now, Amazon offered mp3 downloads via Amazon Music and to a limited extent via the Amazon Prime subscription service, but from now on streaming via the American web store is also possible.

Amazon Music Unlimited

A subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited costs $ 9,99 per month. Amazon Prime service members pay $ 7,99 per month. The new service is also available on the Amazon-developed “smart speaker” Echo and costs only $ 3,99 per month.

Amazon Music Unlimited is only available in the United States for now. Before the end of the year, the service will also be rolled out in Great Britain, Germany and Austria. For the new service, which contains about 30 million songs, Amazon has also introduced new apps for the desktop and mobile devices.

Releases that go to Amazon Music through us distributed, are also automatically available on Amazon Music Unlimited. You do not have to take any action for this. Is your music not yet available online? Then create an account here and get started right away.

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Extra security for your account

Of course, our main goal is to handle the online distribution of your music quickly and correctly. However, we are also committed to keeping your - and our - valuable data as safe as possible. That is why the account section of our website has been secured with an SSL certificate since 1 October.

WM Digital Services safety

In practice, this means that all traffic now runs via “hypertext transfer protocol secure”, or https. Https is more secure because, unlike HTTP, all communication between two devices is verified, is always fair and reliable, and all data is always encrypted. Verification is important to find out whether you are really at the right place. Most modern browsers clearly indicate whether a site is safe, e.g. by displaying a green padlock in front of the address:


In summary: where you previously logged in to your account via the link http://distributie.wmdigitalservices.nl you can now do that via https://distributie.wmdigitalservices.nl.

When you use the login button in the menu, you will automatically be taken to this secure link. Have you added the login page to your bookmarks or do you always enter it manually? Then change the link to https://distributie.wmdigitalservices.nl. Both links will continue to work for the time being, but we recommend that you always use the link that starts with https.

Do you have questions about the above? Feel free to mail to info@wmdigitalservices.nl.

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