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Spotify takes over music marketplace SoundBetter

Spotify acquires SoundBetter The streaming service accounced today. SoundBetter is an online marketplace that brings musicians, producers, DJs, composers, technicians etc. together. The functionality of Soundbetter will become part of Spotify for Artists. You will have to pay for a number of SoundBetter options. That will probably remain so after the acquisition by Spotify.

"SoundBetter offers the most comprehensive global marketplace for music and audio production professionals for hire in the world along with a member community tension 176 countries and 14,000 cities worldwide," said SoundBetter CEO Shachar Gilad. "We are excited to benefit from Spotify's global scale, resources, and vision to expand our network and drive more economic opportunities for artists or all levels."

SoundBetter, founded in 2012, will operate under the flag of Spotify for Artists, but will also remain available as a stand-alone service.

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Spotify continues to grow

The number of paying Spotify subscribers rose from 2019 to 108 million in the second quarter, an increase of 31% compared to one year ago. That appears from Numbers that the streaming service has published today.

The number of Spotify listeners active every month rose to 232 million, an increase of 29 on an annual basis. The company's revenue increased to more than 1,5 billion euros, while the operating loss amounted to "only" 3 million euros. That is a considerable improvement compared to the loss in the same period a year earlier, which then amounted to 90 million euros.

Spotify itself expects to have between 120 million and 125 million subscribers for the premium service at the end of the year. By then the service may also be profitable.

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Broader cooperation against manipulation of streams

Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, the three major record labels, a number of music publishers and various other organizations representing the interests of rightholders have signed a joint agreement, in which they indicate that they will work more closely together in the fight against manipulating streams on the various online platforms.

Although every serious artist will stay away from artificially influencing the number of streams on Spotify, for example, research shows that such an 3 to 4 percent of all 'plays' on major streaming services are artificially created - eg by automated 'bots' , or companies that promise to generate a certain number of streams against payment - come into being. Because the number of streams on a platform directly influences the amount paid out per stream, beneficiaries are estimated to miss out on around 300 million dollars a year due to this type of practice.

Platforms such as Spotify are already using algorithms to detect unnatural streaming behavior and to prevent fraudulent artists from using their platform, but the new partnership should lead to even more efficient detection of unnatural streaming behavior.

You can find the complete text of the new 'Anti-Stream Manipulation of Best Practice' here.

Fortunately, we rarely have to deal with it ourselves, but of course WM Digital Services also takes strict action against fraud, whether it concerns the manipulation of streams or the unlawful use of third-party content. You can find our own Anti-Fraud Policy here.

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iTunes disappears ... but not completely

It won't have escaped your notice: Apple announced on Monday 3 June last year at the start of its annual developer conference that iTunes will disappear from MacOS.

iTunes Apple Music

The big question is of course: will it still be possible to offer music downloads via Apple? And what changes for Windows users?

To start with the last question: for Windows users, nothing will change for the time being. iTunes will continue to exist as a Windows application.

iTunes for MacOS will be split into separate apps for music, podcasts and movies & series in the new version. Buying music and movies is also possible for Mac users via the iTunes Store, which will be given a separate place in MacOs Catalina.

With regard to the distribution of your music, nothing will change for the time being: releases that are sent to Apple will appear on both Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

Is your music not yet on iTunes, Apple Music or one of the other major platforms? Then quickly create an account and get started!

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Worldwide music turnover grows almost 10%

Revenue from music recordings in 2018 has grown worldwide by 9,7%. This is stated in IFPI's 'Global Music Report 2019', the umbrella organization of the music industry.

Revenue from streaming even grew by 34%. As a result, streaming is currently responsible for 47% of worldwide revenue. More than 255 million users had a subscription to a paid streaming service at the end of 2018, a share of 37% of total revenue.

According to the IFPI report, the total turnover of the music industry in 2018 was $ 19,1 billion. It is the fourth consecutive year that sales are growing. The fastest growing markets are Latin America and Asia.

Do you want to read the entire report? You can do that via this link.

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Spotify officially launched in India

The rumor that the launch was imminent has been circulating for some time, but since this week it is official: streaming service Spotify is available in India.

According to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, Spotify is tailor-made in India to offer the best user experience. Part of this is, for example, the presentation of recommendations in several local languages, such as Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil. In addition, free Spotify users will be able to play songs 'on demand' for the first time, rather than just in shuffle. Special playlists are also being launched, aimed at the Indian market.

The subscription prices are also geared to the local market. They are therefore a lot lower than in Western countries. Moreover, it is possible to buy a day pass or a week pass, an option that is not available anywhere else.

Is your music already on Spotify and have you not set any region restrictions? Then you have a lot of potential new listeners in one go! Is your music not yet on Spotify? Then make quickly an account and get started with your first upload.

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Good fourth quarter for Spotify

Spotify made streaming service earlier this week Numbers known about the fourth quarter of 2018: the platform now has 207 million monthly users and for the first time the company is also making a profit.

The revenue of Spotify in the fourth quarter of 2018 grew by 30% compared to the same period last year. The streaming service is now available in 78 countries. The growth comes mainly from emerging markets such as Latin America and the Middle East.

The company also announced this week that it is taking over Gimlet Media and Anchor, two companies engaged in the production and marketing of podcasts. This means that Spotify not only has a large amount of professionally produced audio shows, but also a platform that allows everyone to record and publish a podcast. The streaming service wants that in the future more than twenty percent of the audio that is listened to consists of podcasts.

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