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Apple stops Apple Music Connect

Apple has in the past made several attempts to add social functions to iTunes, and since a few years also Apple Music. iTunes Ping hardly got any publicity and the most recent attempt, Apple Music Connect, has not been a success either. This option will disappear in 2019.

With Apple Music Connect it was possible as an artist to add extra content, such as photos and videos, to an artist profile. Barely one year after the launch of the service, the platform received a less prominent place within Apple Music. Where it first had its own page, everything was now placed under the artist page and at the bottom 'For you'

Apple has now removed the feature to post new posts on Apple Music. In addition, Apple removes previously posted posts from musicians who did use Apple Music Connect. This content will no longer be visible under the "For You" tab in Apple Music. Until 24 May 2019 the content can still be found via the search function. After this, all content from Apple Music Connect will be permanently deleted.

Whether Apple is going to add other options that allow artists to add additional content is currently unknown. We will of course keep you informed of developments.

Is your music not yet on Apple Music or the other major streaming services? Then create an account here and get started right away.

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The number of paying Spotify users continues to grow

Spotify has streaming service today Numbers announced for the third quarter of 2018: the Swedish music platform currently has 191 million active users every month. 87 million users have a subscription for this.

The number of subscribers grew by 4 million in the last quarter, an increase of 40% compared to the previous quarter. Spotify expects to have monthly listeners between the 199 million and 206 million at the end of this financial year. The number of paying subscribers should amount to 93 million to 96 million.

Revenue from Spotify also grew: from 1 billion euros in the second quarter to 1,35 billion euros in the third quarter.
Do you want to view the figures yourself? You can do that via .

Is your music not yet available on the largest streaming service in the world? Then make an account on our website and get started quickly! For questions you can mail to info@wmdigitalservices.nl or take a look at our 'help' page.

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New video: Austin Leaves - Wild Side

Today “Wild Side” was released, the new single from the South Limburg band Austin Leaves. In addition to the members of Austin Leaves themselves, various acquaintances from the Limburg pop scene appear in front of the camera in the accompanying video. You will of course find the single on all known platforms.

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Processing times in November and December

Rest assured, it will take a while before we officially wish you happy holidays, but just like in previous years, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that by the end of the year longer processing times will occur for most streaming services and download stores. This has to do with the larger number of releases that are delivered during this time of year and with the fact that support departments are closed around the holidays. Also think of the American Thanksgiving at the end of November.

We advise you to deliver releases that should appear online between mid-November and early January well in advance. Do you want to know if your schedule is feasible? Feel free to mail to info@wmdigitalserivces.nl.

Data to monitor:
22 / 23 November: Thanksgiving. The support departments of American platforms are not available during this period. At Apple, the import of new releases is completely stopped during these days.
14 December: Do you have releases that have to be published online before Christmas? Then make sure that they are processed no later than December 14.
24 December 2018 to 1 January 2019: during this period we are not available by phone. You can reach us by e-mail, but keep in mind that the support departments of most platforms are closed and we therefore have to wait longer for a response.

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Pre-save the new single from Danny de Munk on Spotify

On October 1, “Toch ff nice so” will be released, the surprising new single by Danny de Munk. You can already play this swinging new track 'pre-saving'so that it is immediately added to your Spotify library on the day of release.
You can find the pre-save option via presave.io/t/tochfflekkerzo.

Is your latest release already on Spotify and the other streaming services? You can here get started right away with uploading your single or album. Do you have questions? Then mail to info@wmdigitalservices.nl of check out our 'help' page.

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