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Tip: Register your releases for 'playlist consideration'

Dat Spotify for Artists the ideal tool for managing your Spotify profile, you probably already knew. With this option you can add photos, links and a biography to your profile, you get insight into extra statistics and you can create your own playlists under your stage name. Spotify recently added an interesting new option to this list: 'playlist consideration'.

Playlists have become an important promotional tool. When Spotify adds your latest single to one of their official playlists - which often has hundreds of thousands of followers - it creates more exposure and therefore more plays. With the new 'playlist consideration' option, you can now bring one of your new tracks to the attention of one of the more than one hundred worldwide editors who compile official playlists for Spotify.

How does it work?
- You have already claimed your Spotify profile via Spotify for Artists.
- As soon as we have delivered your release to Spotify, you will see it in your Spotify for Artists dashboard under your 'upcoming' releases within two to three working days.
Note: you can only register tracks that have not yet been released on Spotify. Once the release is 'live', you can no longer register it for possible placement on Spotify playlists. So make sure that there is enough time between the moment of upload and the desired release date.
- You choose the song that you want to bring to the attention of the Spotify editors and fill in all the details. Spotify asks for the language of your song, the main instruments and the 'mood' of the song. You also have the option to add extra information about the content of your track and about your promotion plans.
- Then you wait until your release appears online and you hopefully see it appear on one or more Spotify playlists. Of course Spotify does not guarantee that your track will actually be placed. We cannot influence this further.

Is your music not yet on Spotify or one of the other platforms? Create one quickly account to our site and get started. Do you have questions? Then contact via info@wmdigitalservices.nl.

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Songflow stops, WM Digital Services is happy to help you further

Today it was announced that our colleagues from the distribution platform Songflow will stop taking on new assignments in a few weeks. As of November 1, 2018, they will be removing all existing releases from their customers from all platforms. That means that Songflow customers will have to look for a new distributor in the short term and will have to upload all their releases again.

Are you an existing Songflow customer and would you like to migrate your releases to a new distributor as smoothly as possible? WM Digital Services is happy to help you further. Depending on the number of releases you want to migrate, we can make you an offer for the total costs. We are also happy to think along with you about the planning and timing of taking offline and re-offering all your releases.

You will find the answer to a number of frequently asked questions on our website 'help' page. If you have further questions, please mail to info@wmdigitalservices.nl.

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Beta version Apple Music for Artists now available

After a closed test phase, Apple this week opened its analytics platform Apple Music for Artists to all artists. Like Spotify for Artists With this artist toolkit, Apple offers you insight into extensive statistics and listening trends of your streams and downloads.

Apple Music for Artists also shows which playlists your tracks have been added to, where in the world your music is listened to most, and so on. The service is still in the beta phase, but as mentioned, every band or artist can now sign up to gain access.

You can register for the Apple Music for Artists beta via . Note: you need an Apple ID to log in. Furthermore, upon registration you will be asked for contact details (including telephone number) and links to Facebook and Twitter accounts.

After you have logged in and accepted the conditions, you can get started by claiming your own artist profile. As you can see, Apple itself indicates that it may take some time before you receive a message about the status of your request.

Are you still not using Spotify for Artists? Then we recommend that you quickly create an account for this essential collection of tools from Spotify. You sign up here.

Since these extra options from Apple Music and Spotify are linked to your Apple ID and your personal Spotify account respectively, we cannot take care of these registrations for you. Of course we will gladly help you further with the release of your music on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and the other well-known platforms.

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New single Jim van der Zee: “I Will Go On”

Jim van der Zee, winner of The Voice of Holland 2018, was shown on NPO3 last Monday during 'Deprestival', a theme evening about depression, burn-out and anxiety disorders among young people. The song “I Will Go On” that he played in that broadcast can be found online from today.

You can find the single on these platforms:
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2K2caUk
Google Play: https://bit.ly/2rvBiMx
Deezer: https://bit.ly/2rtaAnO

Do you also want your music on all major streaming services? Get started here, or mail info@wmdigitalservices.nl For more information.

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Selection of 2018 pop round

Pop round is a nationwide touring festival that takes place every autumn from September to November in some XNUMX cities across the country. The Popronde is the opportunity for (still) unknown bands to present themselves outside their own region and to gain intensive touring and playing experience. The programming is not tied to a music style and provides an overview of what is happening in the field of live music - outside the mainstream - in the Netherlands.

Last night on 3FM the selection announced of Popronde 2018. This year too, some 150 bands travel throughout the Netherlands to perform in cafes, galleries, theaters, record stores and clubs in about XNUMX cities. And again this year you can admire some of our customers live during this spectacle. We congratulate Dan Hair, Juneville, Maggie Brown, Nieuweground, No Man's Valley, Switch Bones and The Ten Bells on their selection!

You can find more information about Popronde on www.popronde.nl.

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Spotify renews mobile app for free users

Spotify today presented a renewed version of its mobile app for free users during a press presentation. Users without a subscription can now determine the song order themselves from the music in fifteen personalized playlists.

The music is divided into fifteen playlists, such as Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Today's Top Hits. Each user is presented with different music, depending on specified preferences. It is still possible to listen to music that is not on the playlists, but then shuffle mode will be activated as before. The free version will continue to have ads. The updated app will be rolled out in phases to all free users in the coming period.

The news from Spotify comes on the same day that the NVPI announced that the turnover of the Dutch music industry has grown by about 10% this year. The streaming revenue share has increased to 63,8% of the total market, compared to 54,7% in 2016.

You cannot find your music on Spotify and the other major music platforms? Then make here set up an account and get started quickly!

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Japanese streaming service AWA now available

WM Digital Services strives to provide you with the tools to make your music as widely available as possible. This of course also includes a sophisticated package of download stores and streaming services. Today we are adding one of the largest streaming platforms in Japan: AWA.

AWA focuses on the Japanese market and now has about 15 million users, who can choose from a catalog of more than 40 million tracks. AWA is available on mobile via apps for Android and iOS and on the desktop via applications for Windows and Mac.

Are you distributing a new release? Then from now on you will see AWA as an option during check-out.
Do you still want to send an older release to AWA? This can be done very easily and without extra costs: go to the 'distribution' tab in your release, search for AWA, select 'distribute' and follow the further steps.

You can find an up-to-date overview of all stores, streaming services and apps where we can make your music available here. We hope to add more new platforms later this year, so keep an eye on our website.

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Apple Music: 2 million new users every month

Apple announced two new milestones at the SXSW conference in Texas: Apple Music now has 45 million users and the service is now growing at about two million users per month. Of the 45 million number, about eight million users are currently in the 'trial' period, so not all of them have a paid subscription.

With more than 70 million paying users, Spotify is still by far the largest streaming service and so far, the service has also grown faster than Apple Music. Seen in absolute numbers, however, the growth rates of both services are now coming close to each other.

Do you want to distribute your music to Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms? Then make here an account or mail info@wmdigitalservices.nl .

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