Richard Groenendijk scores hit as Jopie Parlevliet

You could hardly miss him in recent days: the single “Tebbie Nou Op Je Muil ?!” from Jopie Parlevliet - a character of comedian Richard Groenendijk - has become a big hit in a short time, with more than 100.000 streams on Spotify and a first place in the Dutch iTunes Charts.

The idea for a single came spontaneously, after a Facebook video went viral, in which Groenendijk rehearsed the song “Tebbie nou on your mouth ?!” ”for his theater show of the same name, which will be held from 19 December 2020 to 3 January 2021 in Club Luxor in the New Luxor Theater should be on view in Rotterdam, but this is still very much in demand due to the current corona measures.

On the Facebook and Instagram call for the video clip of 'Tebbie now on your mouth ?!' Submitting videos of people with masks has been widely heard. Not only well-known Dutch people submitted their videos, well-known Dutch people such as Martien Meiland, Jochem Myjer, Sander Lantinga, Irene Moors, Renze Klamer and Paul de Leeuw also contributed. Moreover, to a great surprise, many admissions were also received from care workers in ICUs, from nursing wards and pharmacies.

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Medammecour songs and buutten now also on Spotify

Songs from the popular carnival revue “Medammecour on Tour”Can now also be heard on Spotify and the other well-known platforms. The songs can be found online from today, the 11th of the 11th. For Limburgers and for homesick people anywhere in the world.

Medammecour on Tour - L1VE

The regional broadcaster L1 is pleased that Joost Meijs and Marc Hermans, spiritual fathers of the annual “Medammecour on Tour“, Came up with the idea of ​​arranging distribution via Spotify. The artists involved were also willing to cooperate. L1 has a rich archive of recordings from the annual event.

Joost Meijs, one of the initiators of “Medammecour on Tour”: “Nowadays everything is perfect studio work. We would like to show the unique live atmosphere of our performances. The songs from the 2019 and 2018 shows can be heard first on Spotify. Our L1VE Medammecour archive will be further expanded in the near future. ”

L1 editor-in-chief Leo Hauben: “As a regional broadcaster, we want to propagate our role as a culture carrier everywhere. Making our archive accessible, in this case through a streaming service, is one of the ways we do that. The old ROZ live recordings of carnival sessions, world famous in their own province, will soon be made available via Spotify. As the oldest regional broadcaster, since 1945, you can safely call our archive cultural heritage. ”

The online distribution of the Medammecour recordings is provided by WM Digital Services.
Listen yourself via your favorite platform:

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De Speld launches carnival cracker

The satirical website The pin yesterday launched a real carnival hit: “Make well-considered choices” by Max Verstand & De Speld. The message? "Mind at 100, head on and go to bed on time with that banana!".

The single can now also be found at Spotify. We are of course a bit proud that De Speld made the well-considered choice to have the online distribution provided by WM Digital Services.

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Carnival hit Huub Stapel now available online

The carnival cracker “Altied Get” by actor Huub Stapel and director Pieter Kuijpers has become a hit on YouTube and Facebook in recent weeks.

The duo launched the song, recorded in collaboration with producer Arno Krabman, on the regional channel L1. The song grew out of a spontaneous joke by the pair. Kuijpers previously called making a carnival hit "the highest achievable for a Limburger." The pair have previously worked together on the film “Heaven on Earth”.

"Altied Get" can be found at Spotify and the other well-known online platforms. The digital distribution is provided by WM Digital Services.

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Processing times around the holidays

It is already November, and that means that the end of the year is coming. It also means that, in addition to a larger amount of regular releases, many seasonal releases will be released, from Santa Claus and Christmas albums to new sing-alongs for the carnival season.

wm christmas

Do you have plans for a release in November, December, or the first weeks of January? Then keep in mind that it will be extra busy with the various in the coming two months online platforms. So plan your release data a bit wider than usual and if in doubt, contact us so that we can see if your schedule is feasible.

From Saturday 24 December 2016 to Sunday 1 January 2017, WM Digital Services is not available by phone. Of course you can upload releases via our website during this period and urgent support questions by email will be answered as usual.

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