iTunes disappears ... but not completely

It won't have escaped your notice: Apple announced on Monday 3 June last year at the start of its annual developer conference that iTunes will disappear from MacOS.

iTunes Apple Music

The big question is of course: will it still be possible to offer music downloads via Apple? And what changes for Windows users?

To start with the last question: for Windows users, nothing will change for the time being. iTunes will continue to exist as a Windows application.

iTunes for MacOS will be split in the new version into separate apps for music, podcasts and films & series. Buying music and movies will also continue to be possible for Mac users via the iTunes Store, which will have a separate place in MacOs Catalina.

With regard to the distribution of your music, nothing will change for the time being: releases that are sent to Apple will appear on both Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

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Apple stops Apple Music Connect

Apple has in the past made several attempts to add social functions to iTunes, and since a few years also Apple Music. iTunes Ping hardly got any publicity and the most recent attempt, Apple Music Connect, has not been a success either. This option will disappear in 2019.

With Apple Music Connect it was possible as an artist to add extra content, such as photos and videos, to an artist profile. Barely one year after the launch of the service, the platform received a less prominent place within Apple Music. Where it first had its own page, everything was now placed under the artist page and at the bottom 'For you'

Apple has now removed the feature to post new posts on Apple Music. In addition, Apple removes previously posted posts from musicians who did use Apple Music Connect. This content will no longer be visible under the "For You" tab in Apple Music. Until 24 May 2019 the content can still be found via the search function. After this, all content from Apple Music Connect will be permanently deleted.

Whether Apple is going to add other options that allow artists to add additional content is currently unknown. We will of course keep you informed of developments.

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Beta version Apple Music for Artists now available

After a closed test phase, Apple this week opened its analytics platform Apple Music for Artists to all artists. Like Spotify for Artists With this artist toolkit, Apple offers you insight into extensive statistics and listening trends of your streams and downloads.

Apple Music for Artists also shows which playlists your tracks have been added to, where in the world your music is listened to most, and so on. The service is still in the beta phase, but as mentioned, every band or artist can now sign up to gain access.

You can register for the Apple Music for Artists beta via . Note: you need an Apple ID to log in. Furthermore, upon registration you will be asked for contact details (including telephone number) and links to Facebook and Twitter accounts.

After you have logged in and accepted the conditions, you can get started by claiming your own artist profile. As you can see, Apple itself indicates that it may take some time before you receive a message about the status of your request.

Are you still not using Spotify for Artists? Then we recommend that you quickly create an account for this essential collection of tools from Spotify. You sign up here .

Since these extra options from Apple Music and Spotify are linked to your Apple ID and your personal Spotify account respectively, we cannot take care of these registrations for you. Of course we will gladly help you further with the release of your music on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and the other well-known platforms.

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Apple Music gets a new look in iOS 10

Apple made a number of major changes during the keynote of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference last night Apple Music presented. These are part of Apple's iOS 10 mobile operating system, which will be available to all users in the fall.

Apple Music redesign

The streaming service from Apple, launched last year, will get a completely new look. The home screen has become simpler and Apple Music Connect has disappeared from the taskbar. Apple Music Connect is the part of Apple Music where you as an artist can add extra content, but it seems that this option will disappear into the background.

New in Apple Music is the option to view lyrics of your favorite songs. So don't forget to add the lyrics to your releases when you want your fans to use this option.

Apple Music is just one of the platforms where we can place your music. Do you also want to get started with releasing your music? Then create an account here. Do you first need more information? Feel free to mail to

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Our distribution package has been updated

Perhaps you already saw it: we started the new year with a number of positive changes. Our website has been given a new look and we have made it even easier to distribute your music worldwide via iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and many other platforms.

WM Digital Serivces overview stores

Regarding the latter: our distribution package has been refreshed. Of course, we will still place your single or album worldwide on well-known platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify, but with the addition of stores such as Guvera and Claro Música, your music will be easier to find internationally. In addition, YouTube Red is now part of our package and your release can be added to music database Gracenote.

Click here for the complete overview or Create an account and get started right away with releasing your next single or album.

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