Spotify today presented a renewed version of its mobile app for free users during a press presentation. Users without a subscription can now determine the song order themselves from the music in fifteen personalized playlists.

The music is divided into fifteen playlists, such as Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Today's Top Hits. Each user is presented with different music, depending on specified preferences. It is still possible to listen to music that is not on the playlists, but then shuffle mode will be activated as before. The free version will continue to have ads. The updated app will be rolled out in phases to all free users in the coming period.

The news from Spotify comes on the same day that the NVPI announced that the turnover of the Dutch music industry has grown by about 10% this year. The streaming revenue share has increased to 63,8% of the total market, compared to 54,7% in 2016.

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