One of the questions artists often ask us is “How do I change my profile picture Spotify? ”. Until recently, the streaming service didn't make it easy to upload your own photo: by default, the artwork of one of your releases was randomly used and to change this yourself, you had to request a 'verified account'. For such an account a minimum of 250 followers were required, and that is initially a very high threshold for many starting artists.

Spotify Fan Insights2

Fortunately, Spotify now makes it a lot easier to place your own profile photo on Spotify: changing that image, and using a number of other useful options, is now possible via Spotify Fan Insights.

Fan Insights is a 'dashboard' in which you, as an artist, get useful information about the number of streams you generate, where your audience comes from, which other artists your fans listen to, in which playlists your music appears, and so on.

By signing up for Spotify Fan Insights, you can kill two birds with one stone: extensive statistics about your releases and the option to change your profile photo.

You get access to Spotify Fan Insights Through this link. Since the access is linked to a personal Spotify account, we cannot arrange this registration for you. If you have questions, you can of course always contact Contact us.

Do you use Spotify Fan Insights? Then we would love to hear your experiences!

Update: In April 2017 the name of 'Spotify Fan Insights' has been changed to'Spotify for Artists'.