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New in our distribution package: JioSaavn and JOOX

We don't sit still during the holiday period either. As of today, two new streaming services are available via our platform: the Indian service JioSaavn and the site JOOX active in Asia and Africa.

JioSaavn is a leading streaming service in India. The platform is also available in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. JOOX is a service with seven million monthly users, which is active in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand, among others. In addition, this platform is also becoming increasingly popular in South Africa.

Both platforms are available immediately. An up-to-date overview of all streaming services and download stores available through WM Digital Services can be found here .

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Addition of new store: KKBOX

We are celebrating our tenth anniversary this month, so we are looking forward to expanding our distribution package. Since last week is streaming service Anghami available, and this week we are adding KKBOX.

KKBOX is a streaming service that is active in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, among others. The service currently has more than ten million active users. With the addition of KKBOX to our package, we can make your music available in a fast-growing market.

KKBOX is available immediately as an option when distributing your release.

Do you want to make your old releases available on this platform? Log in to your account, choose the 'distribute' option in the appropriate store on the 6 tab in your release and follow the further steps. Of course we can also activate this new service for you. In that case, send an email to Adding new stores to your existing releases is of course free.

You can find an up-to-date overview of all streaming services and download stores that are available via WM Digital Services here .

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Spotify continues to grow

The number of paying Spotify subscribers rose from 2019 to 108 million in the second quarter, an increase of 31% compared to one year ago. That appears from Numbers that the streaming service has published today.

Spotify's monthly active listeners rose to 232 million, an increase of 29 percent year-on-year. The company's turnover rose to more than 1,5 billion euros, while the operating loss amounted to “only” 3 million euros. That is a considerable improvement on the loss in the same period a year earlier, which then amounted to 90 million euros.

Spotify itself expects to have between 120 million and 125 million subscribers for the premium service at the end of the year. By then the service may also be profitable.

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Good fourth quarter for Spotify

Spotify made streaming service earlier this week Numbers known about the fourth quarter of 2018: the platform now has 207 million monthly users and for the first time the company is also making a profit.

The revenue of Spotify in the fourth quarter of 2018 grew by 30% compared to the same period last year. The streaming service is now available in 78 countries. The growth comes mainly from emerging markets such as Latin America and the Middle East.

The company also announced this week that it is taking over Gimlet Media and Anchor, two companies engaged in the production and marketing of podcasts. This means that Spotify not only has a large amount of professionally produced audio shows, but also a platform that allows everyone to record and publish a podcast. The streaming service wants that in the future more than twenty percent of the audio that is listened to consists of podcasts.

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The number of paying Spotify users continues to grow

Spotify has streaming service today Numbers announced for the third quarter of 2018: the Swedish music platform currently has 191 million active users every month. 87 million users have a subscription for this.

The number of subscribers grew by 4 million in the last quarter, an increase of 40% compared to the previous quarter. Spotify expects to have monthly listeners between the 199 million and 206 million at the end of this financial year. The number of paying subscribers should amount to 93 million to 96 million.

Revenue from Spotify also grew: from 1 billion euros in the second quarter to 1,35 billion euros in the third quarter.
Do you want to view the figures yourself? You can do that via .

Is your music not yet available on the largest streaming service in the world? Then make an account on our website and get started quickly! For questions you can mail to or take a look at our 'help' page.

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Japanese streaming service AWA now available

WM Digital Services strives to provide you with the tools to make your music as widely available as possible. This of course also includes a sophisticated package of download stores and streaming services. Today we are adding one of the largest streaming platforms in Japan: AWA.

AWA focuses on the Japanese market and now has about 15 million users, who can choose from a catalog of more than 40 million tracks. AWA is available on mobile via apps for Android and iOS and on the desktop via applications for Windows and Mac.

Are you distributing a new release? Then from now on you will see AWA as an option during check-out.
Do you still want to send an older release to AWA? This can be done very easily and without extra costs: go to the 'distribution' tab in your release, search for AWA, select 'distribute' and follow the further steps.

You can find an up-to-date overview of all stores, streaming services and apps where we can make your music available here . We hope to add more new platforms later this year, so keep an eye on our website.

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Apple Music: 2 million new users every month

Apple announced two new milestones at the SXSW conference in Texas: Apple Music now has 45 million users and the service is now growing at about two million users per month. Of the 45 million number, about eight million users are currently in the 'trial' period, so not all of them have a paid subscription.

With more than 70 million paying users, Spotify is still by far the largest streaming service and so far, the service has also grown faster than Apple Music. Seen in absolute numbers, however, the growth rates of both services are now coming close to each other.

Do you want to distribute your music to Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms? Then make here an account or mail .

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Spotify expands to South Africa, Israel and Vietnam

With the addition of South Africa, Israel and Vietnam, Spotify's reach has increased a lot again. The streaming service is now available in 64 countries. In the three new countries, Spotify can potentially reach around 160 million listeners.

On the occasion of the launch in Israel, Spotify has published a video with the cooperation of Maroon 5 and Major Lazer, among others:

You don't have to do anything to make your music findable in countries that are added by the various streaming services. Do you have reasons to make exceptions, for example because you do not have the worldwide rights for your release? No problem, you can always choose in which continents or countries your music may or may not be published.

Are your releases not yet on Spotify? Then quickly create an account on our site and get started right away!

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