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The end of Google Play Music is near

After a long period of uncertainty, the time has finally come: Google has officially announced the end of Google Play Music.

That Google Play Music would disappear and that instead YouTube Music Google's streaming service had been known for some time, but we now know that the transition will be completed before the end of this year. Existing Google Play Music users can transfer their playlists, recommendations, and purchased music to YouTube Music. From the end of September it will no longer be possible for consumers to purchase music via Google Play Music and the service will be phased out completely in the following months.

This change will of course also affect the distribution of your music: at the moment you can still choose both Google Play Music and YouTube Music when sending your releases, but we will soon also remove Google Play Music as an option.

Are you not yet familiar with YouTube Music? Then check the apps for Android of iOS or the web version.

You will find an up-to-date overview of all platforms where we can place your music right here.

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Further integration of Google Play Music and YouTube Music

Google has been planning its platforms for several years Google Play Music en YouTube Music integrate with each other. Google Play Music is expected to disappear as a streaming service and YouTube Music to become the default streaming app for music and music videos. Those options now exist side by side and in addition, releases sent to YouTube Music also appear on the regular YouTube site in the form of static 'clips' with the artwork of your release and the music underneath.

In early April, Google added, without any advance warning, a large number of releases previously available only on Google Play Music to YouTube Music and YouTube. Although they do not provide much information about it, it seems that the next step has now been taken to phase out Google Play Music as a streaming service.

Did your releases unexpectedly appear on YouTube and YouTube Music in early April? Then the above is the reason. Do you want your releases to be removed here? Of course they can, but they are also automatically removed from Google Play Music. You generate revenue with streams on YouTube Music and the number of users is also growing fast, so in that respect, our advice is to simply leave your releases here.

As soon as we know when Google Play Music will disappear permanently, we will report it here immediately. From now on, you should at least keep in mind that releases you send to this platform will automatically appear on YouTube Music, even if you don't explicitly check the latter option during checkout.

Are you not yet familiar with YouTube Music? Check the apps for iOS en Android and the web version.

You will find an up-to-date overview of all platforms where we can place your releases right here.

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