Dat Spotify for Artists the ideal tool for managing your Spotify profile, you probably already knew. With this option you can add photos, links and a biography to your profile, you get insight into extra statistics and you can create your own playlists under your stage name. Spotify recently added an interesting new option to this list: 'playlist consideration'.

Playlists have become an important promotional tool. When Spotify adds your latest single to one of their official playlists - which often has hundreds of thousands of followers - it creates more exposure and therefore more plays. With the new 'playlist consideration' option, you can now bring one of your new tracks to the attention of one of the more than one hundred worldwide editors who compile official playlists for Spotify.

How does it work?
- You have already claimed your Spotify profile via Spotify for Artists.
- As soon as we have delivered your release to Spotify, you will see it in your Spotify for Artists dashboard under your 'upcoming' releases within two to three working days.
Note: you can only register tracks that have not yet been released on Spotify. Once the release is 'live', you can no longer register it for possible placement on Spotify playlists. So make sure that there is enough time between the moment of upload and the desired release date.
- You choose the song that you want to bring to the attention of the Spotify editors and fill in all the details. Spotify asks for the language of your song, the main instruments and the 'mood' of the song. You also have the option to add extra information about the content of your track and about your promotion plans.
- Then you wait until your release appears online and you hopefully see it appear on one or more Spotify playlists. Of course Spotify does not guarantee that your track will actually be placed. We cannot influence this further.

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