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Spotify for Artists launches iOS app

Spotify for Artists has grown from a simple option for adding your own image to your Spotify profile to an indispensable toolkit for bands and artists. From now on you can also use this promotion tool via the new one free iOS app.

With the iOS app from Spotify for Artists you can, just like with the web version, manage and update your Spotify profile and share your own playlists. Through the app you also get more insight into the behavior of your listeners. Naturally, Spotify does not forget the Android users either: the Android version of the app will be released soon.

Is your music not yet on Spotify? Then the first step is of course to create an account on our site Through this link. Need help? Then mail to info@wmdigitalservices.nl.

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Microsoft stops streaming service Groove Music

Microsoft today announced that streaming service Groove Music will close its doors at the end of 2017. Two years ago, the tech giant tried to get a larger share of the streaming market for the existing Xbox Music service to be renamed Groove Music. However, the new platform was never a success.

Microsoft will soon stop selling Groove Music subscriptions to its customers, and will discontinue the platform as a streaming service as of December 31, 2017. The Groove Music app will only be used to play music that the user has on his or her PC or on Microsoft's cloud service OneDrive. From now on, Microsoft will redirect users to Spotify for streaming music. It will also be possible for users to transfer existing Groove playlists to Spotify.

Naturally, Groove Music will soon also no longer be available as a choice within our distribution package. Fortunately, there are still enough platforms left to offer your music. You can find an up-to-date overview here.

Is your music not yet available online? Get started here or mail info@wmdigitalservices.nl .

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New: add your biography to Spotify

Spotify continues to quickly add functionality to Spotify for Artists, the collection of tools that give you more influence on your Spotify profile as an artist. One of the most useful new options is the option to add your artist bio yourself.

Biographies can be found in Spotify under the 'Information' tab. Until now it was quite complicated to get your own text placed here, but from now on you can easily edit this information via 'profile' in your Artists dashboard. A biography can contain 1500 characters and it is also possible to add a link to a Wikipedia page. Keep in mind that it takes a while for the biography to actually be visible and make sure that you do not infringe on the rights of third parties.

Also new is that Spotify for Artists is now accessible to 'teams'. In other words: you can give your fellow band members or crew access to your account, so that they also have insight into the extra statistics, can change the image or biography, and so on.

Not using Spotify for Artists yet? We strongly recommend that you sign up via artists.spotify.com, so that you too can make your profile more attractive for your fans!

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Spotify welcomes 40 million new users

Music streaming service Spotify today announced a new milestone: the service now has 140 million active users. That is 40 million more than a year ago.

Spotify has not published any new figures on the number of paying users, but in March there were now 50 million. Earlier this month, competitor Apple announced that its Apple Music service now has 27 million paying users.

Is your music not yet available on the large streaming platforms? Get started right away or take a look at our 'help' page for the answer to a number of frequently asked questions.

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Tip: claim your Shazam profile

Update: Shazam was acquired by Apple in 2018. Claiming a profile is now done via Apple Music for Artists.

More and more platforms offer artists the possibility to exert influence on their profile or artist page themselves, for example by making it possible to upload a profile photo themselves or to put together playlists. Music recognition app Shazam now also offers that option.

Shazam is one of the world's most popular apps, used every month by more than 100 million people to recognize music, view lyrics and discover the music that artists themselves share. Shazam has been a part of us for quite some time distribution package.

By claiming your own profile via Shazam for Artists you can edit your photo, share news and share your own “Shazams” with your fans. You can also see how your music and your messages are performing. Shazam lends a hand itself by promoting the most eye-catching artists through their own social media channels.

You can register via to apply for Shazam for Artists.

Is your music still not findable via Shazam? Read more about the options here of online distribution via WM Digital Services.

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'Spotify Fan Insights' is now 'Spotify for Artists'

We have already pointed this spot to the possibilities of Spotify Fan Insights, the option that Spotify offers artists directly for adjust your profile photo, choosing a 'Artist's Pick'and viewing extensive listening statistics.

Yesterday, Spotify announced that Spotify Fan Insights now has a new name: Spotify for Artists.

With this fresh start, Spotify hopes to persuade even more artists and managers to take advantage of this option. In addition to the name change, some new functions are already visible. You can now arrange more things from your Artists account, without having to open Spotify. The streaming service promises that this is just the beginning and that options and statistics will be expanded in the coming period.

Don't have a Spotify Fan Insights account yet? Then quickly go to the login page. Since Spotify for Artists is linked to a personal Spotify account, we cannot arrange this registration for you.

Do you already have a Fan Insights account? Then you automatically have access to the updated Spotify for Artists.

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Spotify does a test with higher sound quality

Although there is no news to report at the moment according to Spotify, it seems that the streaming service is busy testing a subscription form with streams in higher sound quality.

A very limited number of users have seen an option in the mobile app called 'Spotify Hi-Fi' that would offer CD-quality streams for an additional $ 5 to $ 10 per month. This subscription option may therefore be introduced in addition to the existing free and premium options. The new subscription plan would also offer a discount on the purchase of limited vinyl releases. Incidentally, users who actually wanted to sign up for the Hi-Fi subscription were shown an error message.

Spotify more often tests with new functionality in the various apps, so the appearance of 'Spotify Hi-Fi' does not mean that this option will be permanently added. We will of course keep you informed of the developments.

Is your music not yet on Spotify? Then create an account here and get started right away!

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