23 mei 2011
De uit Maastricht afkomstige post-punk/rock band Sparrow Falls werd opgericht in 2005 en bracht in 2006 haar eerste EP uit. Onlangs verscheen “Tides”, het langverwachte debuutalbum. Dat album is nu via WM Digital Services te vinden op iTunes, Spotify en diverse andere downloadstores.

Sparrow Falls - Tides

In de eigen woorden van de band: “And now here it is: Tides, the long awaited album defining the true Sparrow Falls sound. This is not your local punk rock band singing about being in a band; it’s a one of its kind record that has it all: overwhelming power and quiet contemplation, intricate melodies and massive harmonies, bashing guitars and a lonesome piano. Tides is like bathing in mud water and sailing fiery storms at the same time. It’s dark, but like the on-stage shaded-lamps framing the band’s energetic live shows, it has lightness drawn from almost any musical genre. Sparrow Falls is a stylistic experiment that works despite the odds. Listen to Tides and see them on stage. It’s all the proof you need.”

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