What is “artificial streaming”?

“Artificial streaming” is artificially influencing the number of streams you generate on Spotify or other streaming services, either manually, by using 'bots' or by having your releases put on playlists for a fee. All such acts are against the terms of Spotify and the other platforms, and it is also against our own anti-fraud policy.

Read here what Spotify says about "artifical streaming" and what measures they take if this form of fraud is contaminated:

If you use services that put releases on playlists for a fee, promise guaranteed followers or otherwise help to increase the number of streams in an inorganic way, we strongly advise you not to do this. Even if Spotify does not take action itself, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures if it appears that your releases appear structurally in the 'artificial streaming reports' that we receive from Spotify on a monthly basis.

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